Acumen cover April 30, 2013

Conference report: EHBEA in Amsterdam

April 9, 2013


The EHBEA meetings are held annually but the last one that I managed to attend was back in 2009 when the conference was held in St. Andrews. The meetings are highly multidisciplinary with a wide range of theoretical and methodological approaches to evolutionary explanations of human behaviour pursued. In terms of methodology, this year’s had […]

Reading Rossano

May 9, 2012



How did February turn into May? It must have been magic! Among the thousand and one things that have been keeping my away from updating my blog over the last couple of months has been a very much overdue review of Rossano’s Supernatural Selection. Reading the book has been interesting but from a meta perspective […]

The future of CSR in Brno

March 5, 2012


Returning from another visit to LEVYNA in Brno. As per always, it has been a very useful trip, with a lot of progress on setting up the empirical research that I am going to be doing with the people there. A number of the talks at the meeting were also very worthwhile, helping me to […]

New journal for the cognitive science of religion

February 29, 2012


A new journal has been started up to focus on cognitive science of religion. The name, not surprisingly, is Journal for the Cognitive Science of Religion. It’ll be the official journal of the IACSR so a subscription will be included with membership (which will mean that the membership fees are bound to rise). At this […]

Abstract for the Brno workshop

February 28, 2012



The lovely people at Levyna in Brno have been very busy. The research centre has its own website and they’re about to host a research workshop to which I’m about to head off. To fit in with the general theme, I have decided to present a paper which takes a step back from the approach […]

Abstract for IACSR meeting

February 27, 2012



This year’s meeting of the International Association for the Cognitive Science of Religion is going to take place at the end of June in Aarhus, Denmark. I’ll be giving a talk there which is basically outlining my overall approach. Many of those who will be there will have heard bits and pieces of it befo […]


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