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Which conferences to attend?

January 22, 2012


This is a question I always ask myself at the beginning of every year. With a few years of experience behind me I think I am in something of a position to make a judgement as to which of the many conferences that take place every year are the most likely to be valuable to […]

In Ghent

March 22, 2011


Last week I was at the University of Ghent in Belgium. The main reason for my visit was that I was on the doctoral committee for Maarten Boudry but I also took the opportunity to give a talk to some of the people in the philosophy department there. Given that the defence is now over, […]

In a Mirror, Darkly – another outline

October 8, 2010


During the course of working on my book I have written a couple of outlines that bear witness to how the project has slowly changed. The latest outline is likely to be close to the final version as more than half the book is now written. Those who have seen the previous outlines will see […]

Review of Epistemology and Emotions

July 9, 2010


My review of Epistemology and Emotions edited by Brun, Doguoglu and Kuenzle is now out in the most recent issue of International Studies in Philosophy of Science. While not definitive, the volume is quite interesting and makes a number of valuable points. I spend much of my review, however, picking apart an article by Peter […]

Beyond Description – get yours today!

June 24, 2010


The book I co-edited with Marcin Miłkowski, and which is based on talks given at a couple of the early Kazimierz Naturalism Workshops we organised together, is now out and available for purchase. Here is the blurb: The contributors to this volume engage with issues of normativity within naturalised philosophy. The issues are critical to […]

Common Sense Atheism interview

May 13, 2010


Luke Muehlhauser runs a podcast series of interviews with various philosophers and scientists that focuses on issues connected to atheism – one of his previous guest was Graham Oppy, who is an Australian atheist philosopher of religion and, as it happens, the guy who helped John Bigelow supervise my doctorate. The discussions tend to be […]

Talk at the Polish Academy of Science

March 12, 2010


Last Friday, I gave a talk at the Philosophy and Sociology Institute of the Polish Academy of Science in Warsaw. The talk was part of the cognitive science seminar series run by my friend, Marcin Milkowski. The topic of the talk was the Theoretical Foundations of Cognitive Science of Religion and my aim was to […]

First philosophy and second-rate thinking

March 1, 2010


Discussion of Fodor’s book has made me think again about why many analytically-trained philosophers fall into the kind of trap that Fodor falls into, i.e. putting forward very general philosophical arguments that, if you have an ounce of good-sense, you clearly recognise as a reductio ad absurdum of their own premises (I like the spelling […]

Embarrassingly bad philosophy on public show

February 25, 2010


There is a lot of bad philosophy out there. Every philosophical tradition also has its typical bad philosophy, with bad continental philosophy tending to use obscure language to make trivial points and bad analytic philosophy tending to split conceptual hairs in a way that has nothing to do with reality. Very often philosophers do lack […]

Discussion of group selection

February 21, 2010


Due to my interest in the work of David Sloan Wilson, I have found myself on the edge of the group selection controversy. Without necessarily wanting to take a stance on the issue of whether such a phenomenon exists, I have found the issue of interest in itself. As luck would have it, some of […]