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Review of In Two Minds by Evans and Frankish

October 30, 2010


My review of the collection of articles on dual-process/ dual-system theories of cognition that was edited by Jonathan Evans and Keith Frankish is now available on the net – I wrote the review for Philosophy in Review, which has recently gone 100% electronic and is free access (altogether a very nice resource, in effect). I […]

Another plethora of presentations

September 20, 2010


Well, that was fun but exhausting. The Kazimierz workshop is over for another year and I have also just finished attending the language meeting in Warsaw. In between the two of them, it was a non-stop eight days of talks. It seems that Marcin and I have got the workshop organisation thing to the point […]

Abstract for talk in Aarhus

May 10, 2010


On May 21st I will be giving a talk in Aarhus to the Religion, Cognition and Culture people in Aarhus. Here is the abstract: Explaining the magic/religion distinction using a dual inheritance model The dual inheritance model of religion seeks to explain it as based upon cognitive byproducts that have been co-opted for prosocial functions. […]

ESF funding application

May 10, 2010


It’s another of those cases where I wish I were more superstitious. I have submitted an application to the European Science Foundation for funding to organise a workshop on dual inheritance models of religion and now have to wait till November to find out if my application was successful. The attraction to cross my fingers […]

Superstitions in Bristol

September 21, 2009


On Thursday, I gave my “Superstitions, ideologies, and religions, too” talk at the Bristol Cognitive Development Centre. There was a good crowd, with a couple of familiar faces in the crowd. Apart from the BCDC people, some of whom I’d met in Cambridge in the spring, there were a couple of graduate students whom I’d […]

Report from ESPP ’09

August 31, 2009


On the night train from Budapest to Warsaw. In my enthusiasm, I have written quite a long post so I’m putting it below the fold. The short version is that I loved ESPP.

After Supersense

August 17, 2009


I had originally intended to blog my way through my reading of Bruce Hood’s Supersense book. I ended up not doing this for several reasons. The first is just a complete lack of the time to do so. The second, and much more substantive, is that the book largely runs over territory that I have […]


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