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Review of In Two Minds by Evans and Frankish

October 30, 2010


My review of the collection of articles on dual-process/ dual-system theories of cognition that was edited by Jonathan Evans and Keith Frankish is now available on the net – I wrote the review for Philosophy in Review, which has recently gone 100% electronic and is free access (altogether a very nice resource, in effect). I […]

Another plethora of presentations

September 20, 2010


Well, that was fun but exhausting. The Kazimierz workshop is over for another year and I have also just finished attending the language meeting in Warsaw. In between the two of them, it was a non-stop eight days of talks. It seems that Marcin and I have got the workshop organisation thing to the point […]

Abstract for talk in Aarhus

May 10, 2010


On May 21st I will be giving a talk in Aarhus to the Religion, Cognition and Culture people in Aarhus. Here is the abstract: Explaining the magic/religion distinction using a dual inheritance model The dual inheritance model of religion seeks to explain it as based upon cognitive byproducts that have been co-opted for prosocial functions. […]

ESF funding application

May 10, 2010


It’s another of those cases where I wish I were more superstitious. I have submitted an application to the European Science Foundation for funding to organise a workshop on dual inheritance models of religion and now have to wait till November to find out if my application was successful. The attraction to cross my fingers […]

Superstitions in Bristol

September 21, 2009


On Thursday, I gave my “Superstitions, ideologies, and religions, too” talk at the Bristol Cognitive Development Centre. There was a good crowd, with a couple of familiar faces in the crowd. Apart from the BCDC people, some of whom I’d met in Cambridge in the spring, there were a couple of graduate students whom I’d […]

Report from ESPP ’09

August 31, 2009


On the night train from Budapest to Warsaw. In my enthusiasm, I have written quite a long post so I’m putting it below the fold. The short version is that I loved ESPP.

After Supersense

August 17, 2009


I had originally intended to blog my way through my reading of Bruce Hood’s Supersense book. I ended up not doing this for several reasons. The first is just a complete lack of the time to do so. The second, and much more substantive, is that the book largely runs over territory that I have […]

More beliefs than reason

March 19, 2009


1st day Thus far, the conference has been every bit as exciting as I expected it to be. It is a real pleasure to finally find myself talking to a group of people who are actually thinking about many of the same issues as I am. The group is primarily a mix of psychologists and […]

Beliefs & Reason

February 24, 2009


Bruce M. Hood, Susan Blackmore and Horace Barlow have organised a small conference on the topic of beliefs and reason at Trinity College next month. The invited speakers are a high-powered, multidisciplinary mix: Rita Astuti (anthropologist), Paul Bloom (psychologist), Dennis Bray (neuroscientist), Peter Brugger (neuroscientist), Nick Chater (psychologist), Dan Dennett (philosopher), Zoltan Dienes (psychologist), Nick […]

Supernatural, counterontological, superempirical

December 10, 2008


No, not a new Santana compilation but three terms that are very close to each other in extension but not so close in how commonly they are used. Given that one term was invented somewhat whimsically by Pascal Boyer and another by myself while the third is a generally known term, this is hardly surprising. […]