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Spaghetti, cumulative cultural evolution and ritual traditions

December 9, 2011


Back in 2009 I went to a European Human Behaviour and Evolution Conference in St Andrews. One of the highlights of that conference and definitely the bit of it that has stuck in my mind was a paper presented by Christine Caldwell. Caldwell talked about a methodology that she’s been using to test claims about […]

You’ve heard the talk, now see the poster!

August 1, 2011


As I mentioned earlier, I recently presented a poster at the CogSci 2011 meeting in Boston. By clicking on the version below it is possible to see the full-size version.

Abstract for Tucson and Atlanta talks

January 6, 2011


As I mentioned earlier, the two talks in Tucson and Atlanta will be to quite different audiences. Having thought about it, though, the material I will be presenting is so new that there is a good chance that most in both audiences will be unfamiliar with it, requiring me to explain things along the way. […]

Talking to psychologists in Warsaw

October 15, 2010


Next week, on Tuesday the 19th, I am going to give a paper at the Psychology Department of Warsaw University. I have been teaching Philosophy of Science as well as Judgement and Decision Making within their Psychology in English programme but this will be the first time that I’ll present my research to that department. […]

In a Mirror, Darkly – another outline

October 8, 2010


During the course of working on my book I have written a couple of outlines that bear witness to how the project has slowly changed. The latest outline is likely to be close to the final version as more than half the book is now written. Those who have seen the previous outlines will see […]

Another plethora of presentations

September 20, 2010


Well, that was fun but exhausting. The Kazimierz workshop is over for another year and I have also just finished attending the language meeting in Warsaw. In between the two of them, it was a non-stop eight days of talks. It seems that Marcin and I have got the workshop organisation thing to the point […]

The Explaining Religion conference in Bristol

September 6, 2010


There’s something that doesn’t get mentioned often enough by academics. When you’re an academic your work is often a whole lot of fun. For example, the two day conference I just attended in Bristol was in some ways a very serious affair but at the same time thoroughly enjoyable, both intellectually and socially. I mean […]

Abstract for Explaining Religion in Bristol

August 11, 2010


It is only a few weeks till the Bristol meeting. The talk I plan to give there is a much improved version of the talk I gave in Aarhus. It will, in effect, run through much of what I plan to explain in the central three chapters of my book. So, I will be moving […]

Chapter 3 introduction

August 10, 2010


Adequate accounts of what magic and religion have in common as well as what the differences between them are have proved as elusive as the entities they refer to. Even so, it is in search of such accounts that this chapter sets out. Given awareness of the earlier failures, however, the focus will not be […]