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Werewolves in scientist’s clothing

January 14, 2012


Reminded by a point I raised in my last post, I realised that I have apparently failed to mention an article of mine that is forthcoming in a University of Chicago volume edited by Massimo Pigliucci and Maarten Boudry – The Philosophy of Pseudoscience. I have now put an almost final draft of that paper on […]

3 quotes at the start

November 25, 2011


I have been rather quiet. And for good reason. After several years, the book is very close to finished and I have been focussing all my efforts on getting it completed. Before I send it off to the publisher, however, I thought I’d share the three quotes I am thinking of putting at the beginning […]

Fixation in Teorema

June 12, 2009


The long version of “Fixation of superstitious beliefs” should be coming out in Teorema relatively soon. It develops the ideas contained in the short version that I put on this blog a while ago. I’m linking to a draft version of the long article in pdf format: My aim in this paper is to sketch […]

Abstract for Bristol

March 28, 2009


Here is the text of the abstract I sent to Bristol. Can’t say that I’m altogether happy with it but I hope that it will be accepted and that I will improve upon it before presenting. I would have tried to do more with it but I am sorely lacking in time right now. Evolution, […]

Journal of Mind Theory

February 21, 2009


Ricardo Sanz, who is working on autonomous systems at the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, is working on putting together a new journal to be called Journal of Mind Theory. The focus of this publication is to be on formal theories of mind. While in Madrid last year I had a chat with him about this […]

The fixation of superstitious beliefs

February 5, 2008


NOTE (June 2nd, 2009): This entry has been getting a lot of visitors form the Philippines every June. I would be very interested to find out why. So, if you know, please write in the comments what the reason is for this annual visitation. I should also add that I have now put a longer […]

The book’s introduction – a draft

November 22, 2007


I am currently writing the introduction to my book. I expect that it will change several times before I finish – counterintuitively, the introduction is usually the last part of a text that I finalise – but, at this point, I am thinking of starting with an example of spontaneous superstition that I mentioned on […]

Characterising common superstitions

November 8, 2007


Here is a short section from the draft version of the manuscript that I am currently working on – I may put up some more in the coming weeks. The language is still all over the place, there are missing references, etc. – the whole thing will have to be gone over carefully before it […]