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What next?

December 7, 2011


I started at the Konrad Lorenz Institute in June 2007, just about four and a half years ago. My project, at the beginning, was to look at superstitions and to try to understand them as cognitive, evolved phenomena. Fairly quickly, I came to the conclusion that superstitions were cognitive byproducts. Soon thereafter I came into […]

Between Vienna and Brno

December 15, 2010


I gave my talk at the KLI yesterday and am now about to head off to Brno for the sociology of religion conference there. The talk at the KLI was basically the same as the one I gave in Bristol earlier in the year so I will not be putting up the slides for it. […]

Two articles of relevance in Science

October 10, 2008


Massimo Pigliucci mentions on his blog a pair of articles of definite interest to me, both of them appearing the the Oct. 3 issue of Science. The first, “The Origin and Evolution of Religious Prosociality” is by Ara Norenzayan and Azim F. Shariff. It is a review of recent research into the question of whether […]

Last day at the KLI

July 31, 2008


Today is my last day working at the Konrad Lorenz Institute. In an hour or so I’ll pack up the last of my things and say my final goodbyes to everyone. It has been an amazingly important period for me in terms of my research and I can only heartily recommend the place to anyone […]

Final report for the Institute

July 23, 2008


Today, I handed in my final report for the KLI Board. I am forced to discontinue my fellowship because it has simply been too difficult to reconcile working in Vienna with my family being in Warsaw. Even though I have known that this would the case for a while now, the actual moment I handed […]

In Madrid

May 29, 2008


The last time I put up a proper new message on this blog was on May 12th. That might not seem like such a long time ago but in the meanwhile I have given three talks in three different places to three completely different audiences. Right now, I am winding down from a tough talk […]

Poznan Cognitivist Society Conference

April 21, 2008


I’m on my way back from Poznan where the Polish Cognitivist Society Conference took place. The paper I presented – Racjonalność ograniczona, błędy systematyczne i przesądy – was a Polish language version of one of the talks I gave in Trondheim in January. Most of the talks at the conference were scheduled to be only […]