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Review of In Two Minds by Evans and Frankish

October 30, 2010


My review of the collection of articles on dual-process/ dual-system theories of cognition that was edited by Jonathan Evans and Keith Frankish is now available on the net – I wrote the review for Philosophy in Review, which has recently gone 100% electronic and is free access (altogether a very nice resource, in effect). I […]

Dual system theories demolished

July 14, 2010


The most thorough critique that one can offer for any particular position should, it seems to me, contain two elements. The first should be the standard argument showing why it is that the position under attack is fallacious. The second, but often forgotten, element is an explanation for why it is that some people, often […]

Does Barrett think that Superman is a counterintuitive concept?

December 11, 2009


Still working through Barrett’s Why Would Anyone Believe in God? with my cognitive science of religion class. We’ve got to chapter 6 in which Barrett considers the traits of the christian deity and I have found myself gobsmacked by the argument that Barrett presents. He considers in turn the christian claims that their deity has […]

The ESPP talk

September 1, 2009


Here are the slides for the ESPP talk on Evolution, generative entrenchment and bounded rationality. I have already blogged how it went in my previous entry.

Comments on Reluctance to Exchange Lottery Tickets – Introduction

August 26, 2009


As a way to bring together some of my early thoughts on Risen & Gilovich’s work on tempting fate, I am going to write down some relatively unformed comments on their first paper “Another Look at Why People Are Reluctant to Exchange Lottery Tickets”. I plan to go section by section so some of the […]

Abstract for Bristol

March 28, 2009


Here is the text of the abstract I sent to Bristol. Can’t say that I’m altogether happy with it but I hope that it will be accepted and that I will improve upon it before presenting. I would have tried to do more with it but I am sorely lacking in time right now. Evolution, […]

Heuristics, induction and evolution, oh my!

March 27, 2009


Gave a talk yesterday at my department in Lublin. The talk was on the connection between the boundedness of human reasoning, its evolutionary roots and the problem of induction.  It’s title, in English, was “Evolution, generative entrenchment and the bounds of rationality” (in Polish: Ewolucja, twórcze zakorzenienie i granice racjonalności). Basically, it was an extended […]

Poznan Cognitivist Society Conference

April 21, 2008


I’m on my way back from Poznan where the Polish Cognitivist Society Conference took place. The paper I presented – Racjonalność ograniczona, błędy systematyczne i przesądy – was a Polish language version of one of the talks I gave in Trondheim in January. Most of the talks at the conference were scheduled to be only […]

Good habits, better heuristics

March 31, 2008


Here’s an abstract for a paper that I will present a couple of times this year, including at the European Conference of Analytical Philosophy in Krakow and at the Naturalism and Bounded Rationality workshop in Granada: Dual process theories of rationality that argue for the co-existence of mutually complementary analytical and intuitive cognitive processes have […]

Outline of In a Mirror, Darkly: How Superstitions Reflect Rationality

March 14, 2008


As part of my report on what I have done at the KLI over the last few months I had to write an outline of the book I’m working on. This helped me to clarify some of my ideas while making it obvious to me what other things I still need to think a bit […]