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Werewolves in scientist’s clothing

January 14, 2012


Reminded by a point I raised in my last post, I realised that I have apparently failed to mention an article of mine that is forthcoming in a University of Chicago volume edited by Massimo Pigliucci and Maarten Boudry – The Philosophy of Pseudoscience. I have now put an almost final draft of that paper on […]

On Astrology

January 12, 2012


An old post of mine – from the middle of 2007 – has recently been replied to by someone who takes their astrology very seriously. Anthony Louis, who has published books on astrology and tarot, runs quite an active blog on the topics. His somewhat curious response is quite short so I’ll quote it in […]

Varieties of Representation: Kazimierz Naturalist Workshop 2011

April 21, 2011


Kazimierz Dolny, Poland – September 5-9th, 2011,en/ Invited key speakers Francisco Calvo Garzon (Murcia) Edouard Machery (Pittsburgh) Huw Price (Cambridge/Sydney) Joelle Proust (Institut Jean-Nicod) The notion of representation is essential for the project of naturalizing the mind and meaning. One of the key issues regarding representation concerns the possible varieties of representation: what are […]

In a Mirror, Darkly – another outline

October 8, 2010


During the course of working on my book I have written a couple of outlines that bear witness to how the project has slowly changed. The latest outline is likely to be close to the final version as more than half the book is now written. Those who have seen the previous outlines will see […]

Beyond Disbelief: preliminary report

September 24, 2010


Not long ago I placed on this blog information about a web survey of nonbelievers that was carried out by a couple of academics from the University of Waterloo. The results are now in and Cheyne and Britton have produced a preliminary report that makes for interesting reading. I quote just the final paragraph as […]

Beyond Description – get yours today!

June 24, 2010


The book I co-edited with Marcin Miłkowski, and which is based on talks given at a couple of the early Kazimierz Naturalism Workshops we organised together, is now out and available for purchase. Here is the blurb: The contributors to this volume engage with issues of normativity within naturalised philosophy. The issues are critical to […]

Scientific presuppositions and the supernatural

June 24, 2010


In the discussion of my interview (linked to in the previous post) one of the readers suggests that I think science must presuppose naturalism on, what I gather is being suggested, something like faith. This is, of course, nonsense but it is very popular nonsense and is based upon a couple of misconceptions concerning science […]

Conversation from the Pale Blue Dot

June 21, 2010


As I mentioned earlier, I have just recently done an interview with Luke Muehlhauser. It is now up on the Common Sense Atheism website. Luke and I cover a lot of territory in the talk, basically running over the breadth of most of my research. I’d be interested to hear what people think of it. […]

Common Sense Atheism interview

May 13, 2010


Luke Muehlhauser runs a podcast series of interviews with various philosophers and scientists that focuses on issues connected to atheism – one of his previous guest was Graham Oppy, who is an Australian atheist philosopher of religion and, as it happens, the guy who helped John Bigelow supervise my doctorate. The discussions tend to be […]

O’Hear’s Tensions

February 17, 2010


As I’ve mentioned in a couple of posts, I attended a conference toward the end of last year during which Anthony O’Hear presented a paper. Afterwards, I wrote a lengthy paper, “Evolution, cognition, value: the ingredients for a naturalist philosophy”, critiquing his views and putting forward an alternative, naturalist view. The paper will probably be […]