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A couple of older posts about religion

February 6, 2010


I am getting ready to head off to Budapest, where I am going to give a talk to the Philosophy crowd at the Central European University this Tuesday. I have been trawling the net for some things and come across again a couple of posts about religion that I found most interesting when I’d originally […]

Naturalist accounts of religion and evidence for God’s existence

September 22, 2009


Another issue that was raised during question time after my Bristol talk was that of the evidence for the existence of God. One of my main points is that religions try to protect their claims against counterevidence, making it also unlikely that any evidence for such claims can be obtained in their normal social context. […]

Superstitions in Bristol

September 21, 2009


On Thursday, I gave my “Superstitions, ideologies, and religions, too” talk at the Bristol Cognitive Development Centre. There was a good crowd, with a couple of familiar faces in the crowd. Apart from the BCDC people, some of whom I’d met in Cambridge in the spring, there were a couple of graduate students whom I’d […]

A couple of talks at the ICPR

August 26, 2009


The congress is coming to an end. My initial observations of the limitations of the field, posted a couple of days ago, have not been fundamentally altered by the intervening experiences. Indeed, my impression that the field has a very strong pro-religion lean has only solidified. For many people, the field seems to offer a […]

Talk at International Congress for the Psychology of Religion

August 26, 2009


I have given my talk and have put the PowerPoint slides up on this site. The talk before mine, by Frazer Watts, in some ways prepared the ground for my own talk as it discussed the Boyer account at length. It made a number of the sensible objections that are out in the field but […]

Fixation in Teorema

June 12, 2009


The long version of “Fixation of superstitious beliefs” should be coming out in Teorema relatively soon. It develops the ideas contained in the short version that I put on this blog a while ago. I’m linking to a draft version of the long article in pdf format: My aim in this paper is to sketch […]

Off to St. Andrews, with some trepidation

April 2, 2009


This Sunday I’m off to the European Human Behaviour and Evolution Conference in St. Andrews. It’ll be the first time that I go to a conference on human behaviour and I am sure that I will have a lot to learn. In true science conference fashion, I will not be giving a talk but putting […]