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In the works

January 27, 2010


I have been working on the much delayed habilitationschrift recently but, also, have been writing a few other things that are tied to the book and are responding to things others have written. One thing I have mentioned is a Behavioral and Brain Sciences commentary on an article by Ryan McKay and Dan Dennett concerning […]

The Evolution, Cooperation and Rationality meeting

September 22, 2009


I have to say that I am a little disappointed with the conference in Bristol. I guess I had very high expectations, which the conference only partially managed to satisfy (it was still quite a valuable meeting for me, nonetheless). I will start by focussing on the highlights before moving on to what I found […]

Atheism as the out-group

September 3, 2009


On the Epiphenom blog, Tom Rees has an interesting discussion of a study concerning the way atheists are distrusted in the US. He ties it to a claim I made a little while ago about religion being used as a marker of the in-group/out-group distinction. He thinks the evidence in the study points against it […]

Report from ESPP ’09

August 31, 2009


On the night train from Budapest to Warsaw. In my enthusiasm, I have written quite a long post so I’m putting it below the fold. The short version is that I loved ESPP.

A couple of talks at the ICPR

August 26, 2009


The congress is coming to an end. My initial observations of the limitations of the field, posted a couple of days ago, have not been fundamentally altered by the intervening experiences. Indeed, my impression that the field has a very strong pro-religion lean has only solidified. For many people, the field seems to offer a […]

Religious terror, child molesting and the psychology of religion

August 25, 2009


I was about to go to sleep last night when I had a sudden realisation. I sat up in bed and, to check whether my impression was correct, grabbed the book of abstracts for the ICPR. After flipping through the pages and checking the title of every talk, I saw that my initial idea was […]

After Supersense

August 17, 2009


I had originally intended to blog my way through my reading of Bruce Hood’s Supersense book. I ended up not doing this for several reasons. The first is just a complete lack of the time to do so. The second, and much more substantive, is that the book largely runs over territory that I have […]

Fixation in Teorema

June 12, 2009


The long version of “Fixation of superstitious beliefs” should be coming out in Teorema relatively soon. It develops the ideas contained in the short version that I put on this blog a while ago. I’m linking to a draft version of the long article in pdf format: My aim in this paper is to sketch […]

Before Supersense – Supersense and Simon’s scissors

May 6, 2009


As I write this I am on the train to Lublin, where I teach. For the last couple of weeks I have been carrying around in my bag a particular book that I had been very much looking forward to reading for quite a while – Bruce Hood’s Supersense. As it is, however, I have […]

Cultural success of ineffective treatments

May 6, 2009


Apart from the work on emulation and imitation mentioned in the previous post, at least two other things from St. Andrews struck me as highly relevant to own research. The first of these was a poster by Tanaka, Kendal and Laland on how non-effective medical treatments might be perpetuated. Since I’ve returned, I’ve had the […]