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After Supersense

August 17, 2009


I had originally intended to blog my way through my reading of Bruce Hood’s Supersense book. I ended up not doing this for several reasons. The first is just a complete lack of the time to do so. The second, and much more substantive, is that the book largely runs over territory that I have […]

Again, the Evolution of Misbelief

July 30, 2009


A while ago I wrote a post commenting on an e-article by Ryan McKay and Dan Dennett. Since that time Ryan and Dan have, as I expected, put a lot of work into that thing and it is now about to be published in Behavioral and Brain Sciences.  Ever since I was introduced to that […]

Fixation in Teorema

June 12, 2009


The long version of “Fixation of superstitious beliefs” should be coming out in Teorema relatively soon. It develops the ideas contained in the short version that I put on this blog a while ago. I’m linking to a draft version of the long article in pdf format: My aim in this paper is to sketch […]

Abstract for Bristol

March 28, 2009


Here is the text of the abstract I sent to Bristol. Can’t say that I’m altogether happy with it but I hope that it will be accepted and that I will improve upon it before presenting. I would have tried to do more with it but I am sorely lacking in time right now. Evolution, […]

Heuristics, induction and evolution, oh my!

March 27, 2009


Gave a talk yesterday at my department in Lublin. The talk was on the connection between the boundedness of human reasoning, its evolutionary roots and the problem of induction.  It’s title, in English, was “Evolution, generative entrenchment and the bounds of rationality” (in Polish: Ewolucja, twórcze zakorzenienie i granice racjonalności). Basically, it was an extended […]

More beliefs than reason

March 19, 2009


1st day Thus far, the conference has been every bit as exciting as I expected it to be. It is a real pleasure to finally find myself talking to a group of people who are actually thinking about many of the same issues as I am. The group is primarily a mix of psychologists and […]

Beliefs & Reason

February 24, 2009


Bruce M. Hood, Susan Blackmore and Horace Barlow have organised a small conference on the topic of beliefs and reason at Trinity College next month. The invited speakers are a high-powered, multidisciplinary mix: Rita Astuti (anthropologist), Paul Bloom (psychologist), Dennis Bray (neuroscientist), Peter Brugger (neuroscientist), Nick Chater (psychologist), Dan Dennett (philosopher), Zoltan Dienes (psychologist), Nick […]