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Informal intellectual exchange

February 6, 2008


There are a number of things that I’ve posted to this blog that, with the benefit of hind-sight, I recognise to have been ill-phrased or ill-considered. It would be easy to remove them but I have no wish to do so as that would not be true to what I see as the point of […]

Trondheim talks

January 23, 2008


Gave the two talks in Trondheim. Here are some observations along with links to the PowerPoint files containing the slides. The first talk, Superstition as┬áscience, I gave last night. There was a group of about twenty people, most of whom were students of the philosophy department here. Unfortunately, the talk went a bit over time. […]

Cutting back research committments

November 9, 2007


Wanting to find out just how much I have to do apart from working on the manuscript I wrote up a list of things such as papers that I need to complete, abstracts that should put together for various conference I want to attend and various bits of editing that I must do. This is […]

Reading, writing (and arithmetic)

November 8, 2007


I wrote a while ago that I had felt like I had fallen into a particular trap that most academics are probably familiar with. The trap is that you realise how little you know and read more to try and get rid of your ignorance. Unfortunately, reading more only reveals to you that your ignorance […]

After the brown bag talk

October 11, 2007


I have now given the talk here at the KLI. The PowerPoint presentation is downloadable. Apart from the normal KLI crowd, the talk was attended by Elias Khalil who is from my old Alma Mater – Monash University in Melbourne. There was an avalanche of questions, suggestions and objections at the end – the usual […]

New date for the brown bag

September 28, 2007


O.K. The new date for the brown bag at which I get to present my work on superstition is October 11th. I’ll be presenting “What is this thing called superstition?” whose outline I have just put up. I’ll have to apologise to Alan Chalmers for the title as I basically swiped it from his book, […]

What is this thing called superstition? – part two

September 28, 2007


The thing with research is that what one thinks is fairly clear often turns out to be wrong-headed. I talked over my idea of putting together a paradigmatic characterisation of superstition with, Christophe Heintz, one of the other fellows here at the KLI and he convinced me that it was not a good way to […]

Zusne & Jones Anomalistic Psychology – On heuristics

September 13, 2007


I am currently reading the last of the three classic texts on the psychology of superstition – Anomalistic Psychology: A Study of Magical Thinking by Zusne and Jones – having already read the Vyse and the Jahoda volumes. It has proved surprisingly interesting thus far – ‘surprisingly’ as I had not expected to find much […]

The more I read the less I know

August 22, 2007


It really is starting to feel like that. I have been at the KLI for a bit over two months now and have read tonnes of material in a number of disciplines with the effect that I am now aware of a far greater range of approaches and understand them far better. But, with every […]

Testing major evolutionary hypotheses about religion

July 23, 2007


A workshop on the major transitions within evolution just finished here at the KLI. One of the speakers was Eors Szathmary who co-wrote with John Maynard-Smith the now classic book with first put together the necessary theory to properly express the idea. While it was very interesting to listen to some of the top people […]