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The Stuart Vyse blog

January 9, 2008


Stuart Vyse, the author of Believing in Magic, is about to have another book come out. The book is about the irrational economic behaviour of Americans. To post news about it, Vyse has created a blog. While not directly dealing with superstition, it will probably be of interest to those who are interested in irrational […]

Two Trondheim talks

January 7, 2008


It turns out that I am to give two talks in Trondheim, the first to a broad audience, the second to a group of philosophers. January 22nd – Superstition as science Is the idea of a lucky number scientific? Obviously not. The more interesting question, however, is why not? After all, the early anthropologists Frazer […]

Skeptical Inquirer article accepted

November 22, 2007


I’ve just got the news that the article I wrote for the Skeptical Inquirer in June has been accepted and will be published some time in 2008. As it is, it looks like I will use the title of that article as the title of the book.

No more Filipino guests?

July 8, 2007


Whatever process it was that drove so many people from the Philipines to look at this blog has evidently run out of steam. I must say that I am still very curious about what happened. All in all, the whole thing lasted for about a month and the people all seemed to come across my […]

Filipino visitors

June 12, 2007


For some reason, since June 5th this site has been getting more individual visits from the Philipines than anywhere else. I would be quite curious to find out why this is the case so, if you’re viewing this site from the Philipines, please write in, say how you reached it and why it may have […]

Medicine, evidence and superstition

April 7, 2007


A very interesting article on the BBC News website this morning: Andrew Booth, from the School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR) in Sheffield, is assessing the proportion of modern treatments that are “evidence-based” – supported by “randomised controlled trials”, which, if run correctly, give the best view on the value of a drug or […]