Review of In Two Minds by Evans and Frankish

Posted on October 30, 2010


My review of the collection of articles on dual-process/ dual-system theories of cognition that was edited by Jonathan Evans and Keith Frankish is now available on the net – I wrote the review for Philosophy in Review, which has recently gone 100% electronic and is free access (altogether a very nice resource, in effect). I think the collection is very good in that it gives the reader a very good understanding of what the approach is about:

Inarguably, this edited collection by Evans and Frankish is the definitive statementof the status quo in this area of work.

Unfortunately, I also do not think that the dual systems approach is all that it is made out to be and make this very clear in my review. Apart from the recent critique of the approach that I’ve already blogged about, the problem is that the name of the approach is no longer appropriate to much of the work done within it but, at the same time, it is to a significant degree the title that has made the approach as successful as it has been.