Another mad few weeks

Posted on August 24, 2010


It appears that the next few weeks ought to be somewhat insane. Right now, I am preparing for the meeting in Bristol, where I give a talk on the 2nd of September that’s supposed to bring together much of what I’ve been working on for the last few years.  I am also trying to finish chapter 4 of my book before I leave for the UK – I won’t have much time to write for a few weeks after that! The moment I come back I’ll be getting ready for this year’s workshop in Kazimierz. I’m also supposed to give a small talk on heuristics and expected utility there, around the 12th of September. Then, right afterwards, is the language meeting in Warsaw where I am giving another talk on religion and John and I are giving one of the key talks. Well, actually that one is easy, since it’ll be John talking and me sitting and being the ‘other author’. All that takes me through till the 18th. The rest of the month will be free for starting on chapter 5, hopefully. And then on the 6th of October I’m giving another talk on Hume and heuristics back in Lublin during a small meeting between some of my colleagues and visitors from Portugal. I’m just glad that I have my sabbatical in Lublin till April as that means I can stay at home most of the rest of the year and just write, write, write.

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