Review of Epistemology and Emotions

Posted on July 9, 2010


My review of Epistemology and Emotions edited by Brun, Doguoglu and Kuenzle is now out in the most recent issue of International Studies in Philosophy of Science. While not definitive, the volume is quite interesting and makes a number of valuable points. I spend much of my review, however, picking apart an article by Peter Goldie as he makes a number of serious errors concerning bounded rationality. It is a bit unfair to pick on him, of course, since the errors are quite common – as I point out in my review. I do allow myself some levity, however:

Appreciating Simon’s role also allows us to see that Goldie’s additional claim that bounded-rationality theory emerged from evolutionary psychology (154) must – likewise – be mistaken, given that bounded-rationality theory actually predates Leda Cosmides’s birth by ten years.

As I state in the review, I suspect that Goldie got his mistaken view of what bounded rationality is about from Samuels, Stich and Bishop “Ending the Rationality Wars” – which has been somewhat influential and is fundamentally flawed. I really should get off my tuchus and write a response to that article.