Common Sense Atheism interview

Posted on May 13, 2010


Luke Muehlhauser runs a podcast series of interviews with various philosophers and scientists that focuses on issues connected to atheism – one of his previous guest was Graham Oppy, who is an Australian atheist philosopher of religion and, as it happens, the guy who helped John Bigelow supervise my doctorate. The discussions tend to be quite in-depth but are clearly aimed at the general public. I have just done an interview with him and it should be appearing on his site soon. The topics covered most of what I have been working on, ranging from philosophical naturalism, through naturalist accounts of rationality, all the way to dual inheritance models of religion. Unfortunately, I fear that I was at times incoherent and overly theoretical. Luckily, Luke was very good at bringing the discussion back to particular concrete examples, which should help people understand what I was talking about. So, maybe, the interview will be able to serve as an (incoherent and overly theoretical) introduction to my work. One thing I had meant to mention but ended up not bringing up was the fact that it is something of an indictment of philosophy that philosophers have not been able to show that it is irrational to believe in any deity. Given that I do not think there is a theoretically interesting case to be made for religious beliefs (which is why I do not concern myself with philosophy of religion), this seems, to me at least, to point to a weakness in philosophical methodology.

I’ll provide a link to the interview once it goes up.