Explaining Religion conference site

Posted on March 28, 2010


The website for the Explaining Religion conference in Bristol this September is now up. The list of speakers is absolutely first-rate:

  • Jesse Bering (QUB)
  • E.Thomas Lawson (West Michigan, QUB)
  • Susan Blackmore (Plymouth)
  • Paul Harris (Harvard)
  • Christine Mohr (Bristol)
  • Joe Henrich (UBC)
  • Simon Blackburn (Cambridge)
  • Rita Astuti (LSE)
  • Nicholas Humphrey (LSE)
  • Justin Barrett (Oxford)
  • Konrad Talmont-Kaminski (UMCS –Lublin)
  • Robert McCauley (Emory)
  • Bruce Hood (Bristol)
  • Ara Norenzayan (UBC)

Well, with one exception. Quite seriously, if I had crossed my fingers and wished for a conference on religion I could not have imagined a more exciting list of speakers. Amazing.

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