Talk at the Polish Academy of Science

Posted on March 12, 2010


Last Friday, I gave a talk at the Philosophy and Sociology Institute of the Polish Academy of Science in Warsaw. The talk was part of the cognitive science seminar series run by my friend, Marcin Milkowski. The topic of the talk was the Theoretical Foundations of Cognitive Science of Religion and my aim was to show that cogsci of religion could be strengthened by basing it on bounded rationality and dual inheritance theories, instead of on massive modularity/dual process and evolutionary psychology approaches. As it was, I knew the people who would be gathered would know relatively little about the topic so I spent most of my alotted time explaining what cogsci of religion was about. This was just as well, as the discussion showed that what needed to be covered was the basics, such as the justification for treating religion as a natural phenomenon – the substantive part of my argument was not really touched upon. I do not think that I convinced too many but I do think that I did manage to hold my ground and to make them aware of the potential viability of the approach. Perhaps that is not much but this is the environment I find myself in.