Off to Old Blighty again tomorrow

Posted on September 15, 2009


Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I’m off to the kingdom whose Queen is my sovereign – thanks to my Australian citizenship. And, once again, I will be annoyed by the fact that Australian citizens – just like the rest of the Commonwealth – get no special treatment at customs. This is particularly cutting as those traitorous American colonials get to go in the fast queue. Maybe if I were to carry the Eureka flag? Of course, as a citizen of Poland, I get to enter the UK after a cursory show of my Polish ID – no need for any passport at all.

The crowd I expect at my talk at the Bistol Cognition and Development Centre should be fairly knowlegeable. I hope Samir can make it. If the argument makes it past them, it should be fine to publish somewhere. Which I should do fast, seeing that the cognitive science of religion people seem to be heading in a similar direction.

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