Philosophy for science in use

Posted on August 26, 2009


I have been accepted to present a paper or poster (the acceptance information is ambiguous) at the ESF conference in Sweden at the end of next month – 28.09-02.10. A big bonus for me is that Tim Kenyon, with whom I was at graduate school in Canada, is also slated to attend. Here’s the abstract of the paper/poster I am going to give/tack up on a board there:

Well-ordered science as bounded rationality

The aim of this paper is to show that Herbert Simon’s bounded rationality theory can provide the well-ordered science approach with a solid theoretical basis. The need for such a new basis can be seen given how poorly traditional assumptions concerning rationality fit the picture developed by Kitcher and Cartwright. The exact opposite is the case with bounded rationality. Working on the basis of the characteristics of heuristics identified by William Wimsatt, I argue that many of the claims put forward by the well-ordered science approach follow from the nature of the heuristics that constitute bounded rationality.