The madness begins

Posted on August 17, 2009


Thus far this year I have not attended as many conferences as I usually do. That, however, is about to end as I am about to start a month and a half of nearly constant travelling. I both look forward to and dread it. In the meanwhile I have been trying to deal with all of the responsibilities I have outstanding so that I can go to conferences without other things on my head. On Wednesday I go to Vienna to work with Christophe Heintz on a paper and, after that, to attend the International Association for the Psychology of Religion meeting where I give a paper on religion and superstitions. After that, I go straight to Budapest where this year’s European Society for Philosophy and Psychology conference takes place. The moment that finishes I return to Warsaw to meet up with John Collier for a couple of days working together on our papers and then we both go to Kazimierz Dolny for this year’s Kazimierz Naturalism Workshop. That takes me through till September 8th when I ought to have a few days at home before heading off to Bristol to give a paper to Bruce Hood’s crew and to attend Samir Okasha’s conference that appears to be something of a KLI get-together given the number of past or current KLI fellows giving papers there. After that I may have only a few more days before possibly going to an European Science Foundation conference organised by Nancy Cartwright – not sure about that last one as yet. Once I come back from there it will be already the beginning of October and the new university year.

And there is so much else to get done in the meanwhile!

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