Article on DS Wilson in The Skeptic

Posted on July 16, 2009


My article on David Sloan Wilson’s position regarding the New Atheists has been published and is in the current issue of The Skeptic. As I think I mentioned previously, the title of it has been changed with my original title now being given as the sub-title. I well understand why that was done  (which is why I agreed to the change) even though I do find the final title to be somewhat too combative and not totally in keeping with the focus of the article.

Writing articles, be it academic or popular, entails a lot of waiting. First, you wait for the article to be accepted. Then, you wait for it to be published. And, just when someone might think the waiting is over, you wait to see if there is any response or if the article, like most things ever written, immediately disappears into the memory hole. The good thing about writing for a magazine like The Skeptic is that you can be pretty sure that there will be some sort of limited response, the problem being that it often is somewhat random and not very insightful. That is why it was great that even before the article was published I got to talk about it to David Sloan Wilson, himself.