Beliefs & Reason

Posted on February 24, 2009


Bruce M. Hood, Susan Blackmore and Horace Barlow have organised a small conference on the topic of beliefs and reason at Trinity College next month. The invited speakers are a high-powered, multidisciplinary mix: Rita Astuti (anthropologist), Paul Bloom (psychologist), Dennis Bray (neuroscientist), Peter Brugger (neuroscientist), Nick Chater (psychologist), Dan Dennett (philosopher), Zoltan Dienes (psychologist), Nick Humphrey (philosopher), David Mackay (working on machine learning), Steven Mithen (archeologist), Paul Rozin (psychologist), Dan Wegner (psychologist), Donald West (criminologist), Dan Wolpert (neuroscientist) and Richard Wiseman (psychologist). The discipline labels really do not do justice to the interdisciplinary approaches the invited people have pursued in their own research. The meeting ought to be a blast, probably every bit as exciting intellectually as the KLI workshops. The best thing about it for me, though, is that I’ll get to sit in on this meeting, also – something I’m definitely looking forward to, given how much of my own work relies upon that of several of the speakers.