Top search terms

Posted on December 10, 2008


I have just looked at the top search terms leading to my blog:

auschwitz 1,163
superstitious beliefs 429
auschwitz concentration camp 331
common superstitions 302
10 examples of superstitious beliefs 170
example of superstition 148
examples of superstitious beliefs 125
superstitious belief 112
warsaw ghetto 85
examples of superstitious belief 81

By far the most popular term, as well as two more in the top ten, have nothing to do with what this blog is about, i.e. superstitions, and are only connected to a single post I wrote a few months ago on a topicĀ  to which I have very little of value to add. Not surprisingly, that post is the most popular one on this blog. And it is not even that the search engines place that post very high for those search terms – rightly so. Clearly, very many more people are interested in the attrocities that people committed in WWII than in superstitions. Again, rightly so. One could talk about priorities, except that mentioning a certain P. Hilton or B. Spears would be likely to lead to an even greater number of hits.

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