After Kazimierz

Posted on September 11, 2008


The naturalism workshop is over for another year. It was, for some reason, much more exhausting this year than usual. I guess having to walk around on a crutch did not help. In the end everything turned out OK but we did have at least one major emergency when the car in which David Papineau was traveling to Kazimierz from Warsaw broke down in the middle of nowhere. Marcin, my coorganiser, and I were reduced to making half-desperate phone calls to various people in order to get Papineau onto one of the last trains or buses before nightfall. As it was, we were able to make sure that he arrived fairly quickly in Kazimierz, with people helping him every step of the way.

One thing I was pleased to see this year was that many of the new participants came to the workshop because various previous participants reccommended it as a good place. This has to be considered a very good measure of how happy people are with the workshops, more so than the positive things people say during the workshop. Mind you, this could be taken as indicating that our own efforts to inform people about the workshop are not particularly effective.