Time to go to Kazimierz

Posted on September 3, 2008


The naturalism workshops have become an annual September tradition for me – it’ll be the fourth year they’re running. This year’s meeting starts this Saturday and should be good fun, if this organiser may say so. There’s the usual flurry of last minute organisational worries, with the added fun of me being laid out thanks to a ripped tendon. I wonder how I will manage the stairs at the hotel as well as the getting around town. For the second I can use taxis but that option doesn’t work vertically. Marcin, my co-organiser, and I have already started to think about next year’s workshop so the cycle is set to continue. That’s assuming that we don’t go bankrupt, as we had budgeted when the Polish zloty was much weaker than it is now! I wish we already were on the Euro in Poland. It would save us one variable to wonder about.