Review of Hull and Ruse

Posted on August 19, 2008


My review of The Cambridge Companion to the Philosophy of Science edited by Hull and Ruse is up on the Metapsychology page. I thought the book was pretty damned good:

While the articles are approachable, the Hull and Ruse volume does not feel like a dry introductory text that goes methodically through the central theses so much as an enthusiastic presentation of the richness of the discipline. Given free rein to present their points of view, the contributors share their fascination with their topics. As such, the collection sits somewhere between a compilation of classic articles — such as Hull and Ruse’s 1998 Philosophy of Biology, which contains most of the discipline’s essential articles — and a ‘single author’ volume that carefully lays out the basics — such as Sterelny and Griffiths’ 1999 Sex and Death. Depending upon individual preferences any one of these books may serve to bring a reader up to date with the current debates in the area. Taken together, they are more than enough for even the most demanding graduate course.