Rush to the Newsagent!

Posted on July 5, 2008


That’s right, the July/August 2008 issue of the Skeptical Inquirer with my article is out and available at a newsagent near you… or, more likely, not available there but only by subscription. Still, I can not help but think that this article will be read by roughly a couple of hundred times more people than anything else I’ve written, i.e. by a couple of hundred people. This is the very first time I’ve written something for a popular magazine and the biggest shock for me was the degree to which the editors went through the text chopping my sentences into bits. When I read the final version I find that the result is somewhat ‘foreign’ to me and the way that I express myself. Mind you, it is probably a bit easier to parse the resulting text than what I had originally written. What I also find novel is that someone has gone to the trouble of putting together a drawing to illustrate my article. Were I am someone who has been published in a popular journal on numerous occasions these would be things that would be natural for me, I’m sure, but for now I’m just going to appreciate their newness. There’s plenty enough time to be blasé later.