The return of the Filipino mystery

Posted on June 19, 2008


In June last year I was very surprised to find my blog flooded with visitors from the Philippines.  For a month or so Filipinos accounted for something close to 90 per cent of all the traffic on my blog. Even though I put up an entry on this, I got no explanation and the event remained something of a mystery to me. One year later I find that my blog is once again being visited by lots of Filipinos. Nearly all are visiting one blog entry in particular, Fixation of superstitious beliefs, and to make things even more difficult to understand are not going there from any one particular linking address. Instead it seems that many end up at that entry as a result of searching google. The new thing this year is that there have been a few comments added to the entry that suggest the visitors are students doing some sort of assignment on superstition. Lots of students doing assignments on superstition. But all of this is guess-work, really. So, if anyone from the Philippines should read this entry and know the reason why Filipinos should flock to this website in June, I would be grateful for an explanation.

Posted in: superstition