Cephalopod horoscopes

Posted on April 24, 2008


Here’s a quote:

Pisces: You will be busy exchanging ions across your gill membranes today — watch out for predators, and trust your lateral line organs.

Curious? The quote is from the Pharyngula blog run by PZ Myers – a scientific blog that probably needs no introductions. No PZ Myers has not suddenly decided to give up biology for astrology but he is wondering about the financial benefits of doing horoscopes as a side-line. The reason is an article in the Telegraph which discusses recent research that, once again and with ever greater scientific rigour, shows astrology is false and contrasts this research with the piles of money that astrologers make. Of course, neither fact is news but the juxtaposition is quite glaring in this case.

The cephalopod horoscope reminds me of one I read in my university newspaper when I was an undergraduate. It went roughly like this:

Capricorn: You are a rational, hard-headed thinker epitomising Enlightenment belief in the power of reasoning. As such you know far too much too trust pointless horoscopes like this one. Unlike those ditzy, empty-headed Virgos!