A plethora of presentations

Posted on April 7, 2008


It looks like the next couple of months, and May in particular, will be inordinately busy for me. I have made it an aim to present some of the ideas I wish to contain in the book before writing the final version and it seems I will get what I hoped for. Unfortunately, the result is likely to be that I will be exceedingly pressed for time. This is particularly true given the various projects I have to finish before starting on the round of talks. Here’s the, hopefully complete, list of them:

April 18-19 Cognitivist Society meeting, Poznan, Poland – Racjonalność ograniczona, błędy systematyczne i przesądy

May 7-9 Pragmatism and Naturalism, Tilburg, Netherlands – Simon’s heuristics, reliabilism and habits

May 15-17 Argumentation as a Cognitive Process, Torun, Poland – Arguing with limited beings (us, that is)

May 25-28 Naturalism and Bounded Rationality, Granada, Spain – Good habits, better heuristics

May 29 Complutense University, Madrid, Spain – Good habits, better heuristics

June 2-4 Pragmatism meeting, Murcia, Spain – The fixation of superstitious beliefs

That’s six talks in seven weeks. I do not expect to be able to do much more than prepare for the talks during May. After I finish I will probably need some more time to rest and think about everything I’ve learned.