Anschluss anniversary

Posted on March 12, 2008

In general I try to only bring up in this blog issues related to superstition. There are exceptions.

Given the time I spent in Austria I have been keeping up to date with what is happening there. Today is the 70th anniversary of the Anschluss. Most of the Austrian politicians seem to be rather ashamed of how the Nazis were welcomed into Austria. Some prominent Austrians, however, have a somewhat different take on things:

Otto von Habsburg, 95, the son of Austria’s last emperor, told a commemorative meeting that no state in Europe had “a greater right than Austria to call itself a victim”.

Words fail me. Here are two photos taken in 1945 in places other than Austria.

Warsaw Ghetto 1945
Auschwitz Concentration Camp

The first photo is of the Warsaw Ghetto. The rest of the city actually looked much the same after the Warsaw Uprising in 1944 and the methodical blowing up of the all buildings in the city that followed it on Hitler’s orders.

The second photo is from Auschwitz.

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