Kazimierz Naturalism Workshop 2008

Posted on February 2, 2008


Every year at the start of September Marcin Milkowski and I co-organise a small workshop in Kazimierz Dolny in Poland. In previous years this was called the Kazimierz Naturalised Epistemology Workshop but, this year, we have decided to slightly change the name to better reflect the broader focus that the workshops actually have. We are yet to send out the call for papers but the basic details have been determined for this year’s meeting. It will take place from September 6th till September 10th and the prospective key speakers are to be Peter Gardenfors, Susan Haack, David Papineau and Susan Stuart. I am already looking forward to what has been every year thus far a great way to spend several days talking about (and doing) naturalism with a small, friendly, focussed group. But, then, I am biased.

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