Chinese communists and I Ching

Posted on December 4, 2007


I while ago I was looking at various studies showing the prevalence of superstitious beliefs and I came across information about a Chinese study:

National School of Administration professor Cheng Ping has just completed the “Study of Scientific Knowledge of County-level Department Public Servants in China.” This research report stated: although the level of scientific knowledge of county-level department public servants is higher than that of the ordinary citizens, less than half of the officials do not believe in any of the following superstitions: reading faces, dreams, astrological signs and bamboo slips.

Unfortunately, I have very little information about the study – I have, certainly, not been able to get my hands on the original. I would love to know more than can be gleaned in the Internet articles that mention it. It is potentially valuable as it could show that government controls are just as ineffective in wiping out superstition as other measures.