Cutting back research committments

Posted on November 9, 2007


Wanting to find out just how much I have to do apart from working on the manuscript I wrote up a list of things such as papers that I need to complete, abstracts that should put together for various conference I want to attend and various bits of editing that I must do. This is a very useful but also often dangerous exercise. Even given my decision not to start anything new over the next year or so, I have so many things that I either should do or would like to do that little time remains for the manuscript. And this is without even considering the teaching that I will have to do in second semester. Obviously, I will have to eliminate some things. Primarily, I suspect, it will mean not going to a number of conferences – particularly those unassociated with my current project. The problem is that it often seems like the things that will entail the most work are also the things that I have the least leeway to either postpone or decline.

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