Institute of Cognition & Culture, Belfast

Posted on October 11, 2007


A research centre that I should have mentioned previously is the Institute of Cognition and Culture run by Jessie Bering at Queen’s University in Belfast. A number of the people whom I have already looked at are either working or about to start there.

First of all, there is Jesse Bering who actually visited the KLI a few years ago and who has a BBS article on what belief in the afterlife tells us about the evolution of human cognition. Then there is Harvey Whitehouse who has a whole series of books on the psychology of religion. In addition, there is Joel Mort, one of whose articles I have already commented on, as well as Ryan McKay who, I gather from his website, is about to join the team and whose work I have also mentioned. And that’s just the people whose work I have come across in the short time I have been looking at this area! Their focus appears to be more on religion than superstition, but their interests are clearly very closely related to what I am trying to do. I wonder to what degree their location helps to motivate their research focus.