Philosophy: the website

Posted on September 14, 2007


One of the things I sometimes do is experiment by typing in various possible URLs and seeing where they take me – a past-time that is probably becoming as dangerous as casual sex given the various means now used to infect one’s computer. The most surprising result of such serendipitous search was when I typed in ‘philosophy’ followed by ‘dot com’ – I could give the link but I do not wish to increase the site’s Google ranking. Instead of a website dealing with Aristotle or one of his intellectual descendants, the site appears to be pushing a brand of cosmetics that it hawks with particularly trite slogans such as “philosophy: supernatural is super beautiful” or “philosophy: believe in miracles” – Hume would be turning in his grave, if he’d only believed in life after death. A while ago I heard about the exercise of adding negations to a text to test how informative what it say is. The exercise is particularly entertaining in the case of some of the “philosophy” on offer at this website:

philosophy is a lifestyle brand that celebrates feeling ill and living morosely. not endorsed by doctors, celebrities, or least importantly our customers, philosophy wants to inspire you to live a worse life by being worse to yourself. we offer you a lifestyle makeover that celebrates the idea that there isn’t just one of you in this world and that you should not honor your existence.

The opposite of a trivial falsehood is usually a trivial truth, or at least trivial. Now, back to research.

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