France’s love revisited

Posted on August 19, 2007


Checked the figures the journalist from the IHT mentioned and, frankly, did not find too much support for what he has been saying. The main thing is that one of the central claims made by him goes counter to the figures in what appears to be the relevant EU study. He claimed that 52% of Europeans believe astrology has a scientific basis but what seems to be the latest EU study into this (The Special Eurobarometer 224 from 2005) says the figure stands at 41%. Also, the percentage drops to 13% if the question is changed to ask whether horoscopes are scientific – which just shows yet again how problematic questionnaires (and ed-op pieces) are. The final thing is that on a country-by-country break-up France comes out with the second lowest numbers claiming that astrology is scientific – it is only beaten by the Finns. This wasn’t mentioned but I guess these figures didn’t go with the overall tenor of the editorial. Still, the article wasn’t a dead loss – it lead me to the interesting EU study and a similar US one.

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