David Sloan Wilson on video

Posted on August 9, 2007


Wilson, whose book Darwin’s Cathedral is currently lying on top of my ‘to read’ pile, has been working on religion as a group-adaptation. I want to write a longer post about his work in the next little while but for now will just point to a video of a presentation he did in March of this year. The focus of the presentation is more on group selection than on religion but, none-the-less, it makes a for a very easy to understand but complete introduction to his ideas and the approach he takes. At the same time, he also takes care to place his approach in the context of the other work that is being done in terms of understanding the natural phenomenon of religion. Last of all, I would suggest viewing the whole of the video including the questions at the end as there are a lot of very good points that are raised that help to show the work that remains to be done to round out Wilson’s project.