Psychology of superstition – the classics

Posted on July 8, 2007


From what I have been able to gather there are three classic texts on the psychology of superstition.

The most recent of these is Believing in Magic by Stuart Vyse, and I have already mentioned it a number of times. The other two books are the appropirately named The Psychology of Superstition by Gustav Jahoda and Anomalistic Psychology: A Study of Magical Thinking by Leonard Zusne & Warren H. Jones. It took a long time but I have finally managed to get my hands on copies of both those books but only thanks to the wonders of accessing second-hand book-stores through the internet. Neither is in-print though Amazon makes it seem like at least the Zusne/Jones volume is, which led to me waiting and waiting to get it through them. This is a pity as it makes it relatively difficult for someone like myself to get their hands on the basic texts in the area.