More talks

Posted on March 3, 2007


It seems that I will be giving versions of the basic introductory talk on superstition I gave at Lublin and in London several more times before I even get to the KLI in June. In particular, I will be speaking at two different Philosophers’ Rallies: one in Groningen, Netherlands and another, just a few kilometres away from my home, in Warsaw, Poland. The two events are related to each other, the event in Holland being an off-shoot of a tradition of relaxed philosophy meetings involving junior lecturers and graduate students that has existed for a few years now in Poland. I have been a regular at the Polish meetings and even organised one in Lublin a couple of years back.

Apart from those two meetings I will also be giving the talk at a small conference on rationality organised by the Philosophy Department at the University of Granada, Spain, with which my department has a long-standing Erasmus exchange agreement and good links. As a result, I hope to have the basic ideas well rehearsed by the time I get to Vienna. Unfortunately, all of the talks I will have given will have been to philosophers, the only exception being the one in London and the few biologists and psychologists who attended the Lublin talk. I would have preferred a more interdisciplinary set of groups to give me a greater range of responses.